The nutritional value and hangover effect of tomato juice

The nutritional value and hangover effect of tomato juice

Pure tomato juice contains many health ingredients, such as vitamin C, minerals, residual fiber, and lycopene. Among them, lycopene has the most excellent health effects.

It is a natural pigment in plants and belongs to the class of carotenoids; and among carotenoids, it has the strongest antioxidant activity.

Lycopene is far better at scavenging free radicals than other carotenoids and vitamin E. Its rate constant for quenching singlet oxygen is 100 times that of vitamin E, and it is one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature.

Therefore, people have given another name to lycopene-“plant gold”.

At the same time, it has been recognized as a Class A nutrient by the UN budget and the World Health Organization.

  Many people know that tomato juice has high nutritional value, but they don’t know that tomato juice has another effect, which is to help us hang out.

  Researchers in the Laboratory of Physiological Sciences of Guangdong Medical College have published the results in “China Contemporary Medicine”, and they studied the hangover effect of tomato juice through animal experiments.

The results show that tomato juice can relieve drunkenness symptoms such as dizziness, irritability, etc. It can also increase the alcohol dehydrogenase activity of liver and stomach tissues, promote ethanol metabolism, and reduce serum ethanol concentration, so that its anti-alcohol effect.
  In addition, it is best to add tomato juice before drinking. Such tomato juice can buffer, replace, reduce the rate of alcohol absorption, and avoid alcohol irritation to the stomach.