Acupuncture forbidden points

Acupuncture forbidden points

Core tips: All acupoints that cannot be acupunctured are called forbidden acupuncture points; all acupoints that are not for moxibustion are called forbidden moxibustion.

Both are collectively referred to as acupuncture forbidden points.

Acupuncture forbidden points is the basis for acupuncture to avoid accidental errors, and its significance is far-reaching.

  To this day, human anatomy has provided detailed insights into the various parts of the human body. The forbidden acupuncture points described by previous people are not universal through practice, so they should not be lost in the ancients.

  First, the forbidden puncture point is located near the viscera, or on or near the large blood vein, or in a special location, which are considered by the ancients to be impenetrable.

Such as Naoto, Kaseikai, Shenting, Jade Pillow, Luo Que, Cheng Ling, Skull Breath, Horned Sun, Weeping, Shinto, Lingtai, Lingzhong, Moisture, Oracle, Perineum, Transverse Bone, Qi Chong, Qimen,Chengjin, Shouwuli, Sanyangluo, Qingling, Ruzhong, Renying, lack of basin, shoulder well, Chongyang, Yunmen, Jiquan, Tianchi, etc.

  Examination of the essence of banning acupuncture points basically belongs to the depth of assassination.

“Sickness is ups and downs, thorns are shallow and deep, each has its own reason, there is no way to go, and then internal injuries.

“” Over “means that the thorn is too deep.

It can be seen that the ancients also realized that the ban on stabbing is only a relative concept.

Therefore, except for the punctured points, except for the shrines in special parts, and the needles should not be in the breast, the other points can be inserted.

  Second, forbidden moxibustion acupuncture points that are close to the five senses, before and after the two Yin and aorta, should not be treated with moxibustion.

Such as Naohu, Fengfu, dumb door, five places, Chengguang, Zhongzhong, Xinyu, Baihuanyu, Sizhukong, Chengwei, Su Ying, Renying, Milk, Yuanyuan wrist, Dovetail, Jingqu,Tianfu, Yinshi, Futu, Diwuhui, Jiyangguan, Yingxiang, Giant pheasant, Hexuan, Dicang, Shaofu, Zutonggu, Tianzhu, head crying, head dimension, bamboo, eyesight,, Shimonoseki, Teana, Zhou Rong, abdominal sorrow, shoulder zhen, Yangchi, Zhongchong, Shaoshang, Yuji, Hidden White, Leaked Valley, Yinling Spring, Tiaokou, Calf Nose, Tongguan, Shenmai,Venezuela, Cheng Fu, etc.

  These are the words of the ancients.

In modern acupuncture clinically, moxibustion is appropriate for the remaining acupoints, except that eyesight, plainness, welcoming, and moderate are not suitable for moxibustion.