[How to do the simple method of family sausage powder?

】 _How to do at home_How to do

[How to do the simple method of family sausage powder?
】 _How to do at home_How to do

There are many famous snacks in Guangdong, because Guangdong itself is a great gourmet province, and a variety of cuisines constitute a unique alternative to Cantonese cuisine.

Cantonese cuisine is endless. Many delicious snacks are irresistible. The intestine powder is a very special snack. The intestine powder is made from rice flour slurry. The production process is relatively simple and it is made at homeThere is no pressure on the intestines. Let’s take a look at how to make simple intestinal meal in the home.

Those who like food can learn to make this delicious sausage meal.

1. Prepare the materials.

The main ingredients are sticky rice flour, 80g corn starch and 10g2. Pour all the ingredients into the dish.

3. Add water and mix well with a spoon.

4. Dip a little bit of corn oil with a brush and sweep a thin layer on the special plate for sausage powder.

5. Pour in the powder slurry. Mine is about 38 grams of powder slurry.

6, add a little egg liquid (you can also sprinkle a few grains of green onions), add about ten grams of egg liquid.

7. After the water in the pot is boiled, swing the sausage powder pan left and right to spread the powder in the sausage powder pan evenly on the bottom of the pan and put the sausage powder pan into the pan.

Cover the pot.

The cover can be lifted in about 8 minutes, 2 minutes and 30 seconds. At this time, you can see that the powder slurry in the intestine powder dish has a lot of large bubbles.

Lift the sausage powder pan, and use the scraper to scrape the sausage powder into the dish.

9, put the soy sauce in the bowl, add oil to the hot pot, and pour into the soy sauce after the oil is hot.

10. Pour the ingredients on the intestine powder and you are ready to eat.

Note 1, it is best to use a special sausage powder pan 2. Brush the bottom of the pan with a little corn oil. Do not brush too much. If you brush too much, the slurry will flow unevenly.

3. The powder slurry is about 38 grams, and the egg liquid is about 47 grams.

The slurry should not be too much, otherwise it will be thick and not tasty.

4, steaming throughout the fire.

6. Make unused sausage powder, put it on a plate, and use a steamer to cook over low heat, because it takes some time to prepare the whole sausage powder.

7, sausage powder does not have any taste, so make additional ingredients.

First put some soy sauce in a bowl, heat the pan with peanut oil, and pour the soy sauce after the oil is heated.