Do you know the 7 misunderstandings of moisturizing?


Do you know the 7 misunderstandings of moisturizing?

Misunderstanding 1: Use a facial cleanser in summer to say goodbye to hot summer and no longer shine. If you still wash your face with a strong cleaning product like summer, allow the face to be washed and dried, and more likely to cause sensitive symptoms such as redness, peeling, itching.

  At this time, you should put away the soaps (or soap bases) and facial cleansing products containing fruit acid, salicylic acid and other ingredients. Avoid using scrub cleansers and use solutes and mild moisturizing cleansers.

  Do not wash your face more than twice a day, and the water temperature should not be too high, otherwise the hot water will damage the sebum membrane of the skin, reduce the ability of the epidermis to retain water, stimulate the expansion of facial capillaries, and make people feel itchy and uncomfortable.

  Myth 2 Exfoliating every week Although exfoliating can help the skin regain its brilliance, excessive exfoliation (for example, done more than once a week), or using several exfoliating products at the same time, will make the stratum corneum more and moreAs it gets thinner, it loses its ability to store water and resist external environmental damage.

  In winter, it’s okay to take care of laziness.

Longer exfoliating interval is better for the skin.

Even for oily skin, exfoliating once a week or two is sufficient; for people who have dry skin, they can even extend the time to once a month.

  Misunderstanding 3 moisturizing lotion. Because people hate the feeling of oily face, many people do not touch oily skin care products. After washing their face, they only moisturize the lotion. They think that the skin will become tender and translucent.Leaves skin dry

  This is because if there is no subsequent water-locking product, the lotion will evaporate quickly, especially when the outside is very dry, the evaporation rate will change, and it will even take away the moisture from the face, skin, and skin.

  In winter, you should choose non-alcoholic products, and when the face is still wet, quickly put on a moisturizing product, and then add a layer of lotion or cream to lock the moisture in time.

  Myth 4: Continuous spraying of mineral sprays. During weekday maintenance, some people like to bring a bottle of mineral sprays with them. Take out a spray at any time to relieve discomfort.

In fact, it may suck up the moisture of the skin.

  Although moist mineral water contains trace amounts of mineral ions, it can indeed replenish moisture, but because it does not contain water content that can lock water, it is often more effective.

If the distance of the spray head is too short, and the lotion is not locked in moisture, it will lead to a vicious cycle of dry-wet-drying of the skin.

  Misunderstanding 5 days of daily application mask mask is not a “magic pandan” to create hydrating skin. Moreover, if it contains ingredients such as alcohol and fruit acid, applying it for too long will irritate the facial skin and make it fragile.

  In winter, it is best to use a simple moisturizing mask with ingredients, and apply it once or twice a week. The time should not be too long, about 15-20 minutes.

Don’t wait until the whole mask is dry and then take it off, otherwise the water will evaporate and it will not be moisturizing at all. After that, remember to quickly put on the lotion or cream to lock the moisture, and the moisturizing is done.

  Myth 6 When you touch any kind of moisture, you must consider two things: first, whether your skin is suitable; second, how to use it, and the need to match other things to really moisturize.

  When choosing a moisturizing product, it is best to take some time to look at its logo, and try to ensure that it is rich in multiple types of active ingredients. For example, a bottle of both “absorbent” and “water-blocking” effective moisturizer will have an effectBetter.

  Misunderstanding 7 “Acne Tribes” People who do not need to moisturize “Acne Tribes” or people with a lustrous face often suffer from “oil” such as hatred and refuse to use oily skincare products thousands of miles away.

  In fact, there is no absolute relationship between the amount of oil produced by the skin and the amount of overlap of the stratum corneum.

People with oily skin do not necessarily lack water. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the moisturizing products used in accordance with the skin condition.

  The “acne family” is not completely unable to touch the lotion. When the skin becomes dry or peeling, the lotion can be used to enhance the moisturization according to the situation.