Sleeping, doing gymnastics, shrinking big belly

Sleeping, doing gymnastics, shrinking big belly

The first section: supine rotation and turning posture preparation posture: supine, legs and knees, hands touch the earlobe.

  Action essentials: The upper body is lifted 30-40 degrees, and turned to the left, the right elbow joint touches the left knee, restore, and then do the opposite direction, do more than 30 times.

  Action requirements: the upper body should be straight, the speed should not be too fast, and the movement should be continuous.

  Role: exercise the upper abdominal muscles and lower abdominal muscles, so that the abdominal veins are strong.

  The second section: supine regaining the leg movements preparatory posture: supine, knees, feet 10 cm from the ground.

  Action essentials: Lift the legs with your lower abdomen, lift your chest off the ground, and return to the basic position, do more than 20 times.

  Action requirements: Do not use force on the arm. When the abdominal muscles feel strenuous, the arm can give some help.

  Role: exercise the lower abdominal muscles.

Everyone’s eating habits, life patterns, weight loss history, etc. will affect the effect of any product.

  Section III: Action wheel pedal preparation posture: supine, two arms on the side of the body, one leg bent to the chest, the other leg straight.

  Action essentials: bend your knees forward to draw a circle, and the other leg is closed to the chest at the same time, the legs can not touch the ground.

  Role: for the lower abdominal muscles.