Three ways to resolve anger

Three ways to resolve anger

There are always unpleasant things or people in the workplace. How to calm down anger is very important for people in the workplace. The following three measures can effectively alleviate the anger of the disease: ● Be calm and calm. American business psychologist Ou Lian.

Professor Uris said: “First reduce the voice, then slow down, and the last piece is straight.

“Decreasing your voice and slowing down your speech can ease your emotional impulses, while straightening a little straight forward reduces the emotional tension.

People who are emotional and intense in tone tend to lean their chests forward. When they lean forward, they will bring their faces close to each other. This speech gesture can artificially cause tension.

  ● Listen in silence to the famous British politician, historian Parkinson and the well-known British management scientist Rastomji, in the co-author “Know Your Good Job”: “If there is a quarrel, remember to avoid exaltingmouth.

First quote others, let others finish their words, and be good-hearted and reasonable.

It is absolutely difficult to win people’s hearts by arguing. The immediate solution is to love each other.

“The characteristic of anger is that it is short-lived. After the” headache “, the contradiction is a little easier to resolve.

When you cannot agree with other people’s thoughts, and you feel that it is difficult to persuade the other person, listen in silence, causing the other person to point, and the obedient person’s opinions on him.

  ● Switch roles Carnegie.

Robert, business professor at Mellon University.

Kelly, at a computer company in California, met a programmer and his boss over business disputes. Kelly suggested that they stand on each other’s side to argue. After five minutes, Shuangyi realized how well each other performed.Ridiculous, after looking at each other, I quickly found a solution.

  If the two parties can exchange roles and think for themselves when exchanging opinions, they can avoid a big stir.